Big Wave Dave’s been a long time athlete as both a world class and superstar and AFL footy player. He recognises that long-term success stems from a successful, nurtional diet. That’s why The Bee Firm thinks he’s a perfect fit.


Davo’s footy career started at Claremont Football Club, where he was lucky (and talented!!) enough to play in two premiership slides. He was drafted by The West Coast Eagles in 1993, then went to north Melbourne in 1994. Missing the West Australian coastline, Davo returned to Perth in 1995 as an inagural member of the fremantle Dockers and kicked the first ever goal for the club and went on to play 21 games over two seasons.


Once football finished, all he wanted to do was go surfing. When stand up paddling launched on the worldwide scene, Davo naturally gravitated to it – with his raw talent and sheer strength to become an immediate success in paddling huge waves. This didn’t go unnoticed, and soon he was invited to be part of the international team to compete at Teahupo’o in Tahiti – the world’s largest wave. Davo came second (link David Muir rocks water league) and from there he was invited to compete on the Stand Up World Tour. He returned to Tahiti the next year to win the event and scored the best average after 5 international competitions.


After 10 years of competing, Davo is super stoked to be part of The Bee Firm. Pushing 50 he knows that this energy drink, being all natural ingredients gives him that lift that is needed to compete at such a high level.

Hi, my name is Kate Gosling. I am a Perth girl now based in the UK. My love for photography started as a teenager learning a great deal from my dad and also photography as a career however went into other things such as modelling and working in a local hospital. I then went off travelling and lots of other things as you do when your younger. My passion for photography remained and I returned to it late 2019. I love Macrophotography that I started back in the summer this year and really enjoy capturing nature as well as landscapes, sunrise and sunsets. I hope you enjoy my photos of bees pollinating as much as I enjoy taking them.

“I am a contemporary Portrait Artist, Creative Living Counsellor/OT, living in Dunsborough, WA. Having spent many years living in the Kimberley’s, I hold a strong link to the land and the people; and have become a passionate advocate and supporter of celebrating & championing our Indigenous Australian’s intrinsic connection to nature/the land as the traditional cultural custodians.


My art often reflects this relationship & passion as I paint portraits of Indigenous Australian’s interwoven with other themes important to my heart i.e health, community, honouring our children & the aged, everyone’s well-being, upholding & preserving the bees & the plant life that sustains them and us. When I first heard about The Bee Farm, all that they stood for, as well as the delicious & healing properties of the drinks really resonated with me.


I was so excited, I told them to ‘sign me up, put my name to it, I’m down for it & would LOVE to be a passionate advocate for the product, for the company, for the Indigenous relationships that are supported through them, for the bees; as well as for helping to sustain & replenish our beautiful Australian environment.” I am really excited about The Bee Firm & all that they stand for…and you should be too!

I accepted a role as a Bee Firm Ambassador not only for the healthy aspects offered by this naturally produced energy drink but also sharing common core values, I also wanted to support a Western Australian business that provides employment opportunities for many locals throughout the supply chain process from the honey production, manufacturing, transportation and retailing this great product. I am also proud to represent Bee Firm for their integrity and commitment in providing and improving opportunities for indigenous employment within Western Australia. 


My journey in the sport of boxing commenced 40 years initially as a victim of constant bulling seeking to learn self-defence and now a successful trainer of champions both domestic and world class levels. Not only was I taught the technical skills of this martial sport but also developed as an individual improving my self-confidence, resilience and discipline. These valuable skills have assisted me as a soldier in the Australian Regular Army and as a mature aged student returning to academic studies after my military career graduating from Murdoch University in 2002 with a Bachelor of International Business degree.


I have been fortunate to apply my life experiences and skills including tertiary studies along with my passion for boxing to train not only boxers but also give back to those less fortunate in life due to many reasons including socio-economic and mental health issues along with fellow military veterans and emergency first responders suffering from PTSD by offering the benefits of boxing training as an outlet and therapy as part of the rehabilitation process to cope with stress and learn new skills to improve physical and mental well-being with a program of structured physical training and healthy diet. These valuable skills are transferable to improving life in general as demonstrated with my own.

Kit Prendergast, aka the Bee Babette, is a native bee scientist who is dedicated to discovering and conserving our Australian native bees. Kit has spent over four years researching the biodiversity of native bees, and their habitat, nesting and foraging requirements. She revels in the beauty and diversity of our precious indigenous native bees, and her passion and science has been recognised through a number of awards, including a finalist in the WA Young Achiever of the Year 2019. When she’s not out among the flowers searching for bees she is doing flips and tricks as a circus acrobat!